75mg CBD balm (Hemp, Coco, Bee-wax, Eucalyptus, lavender) 30gr- 1oz-

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The hemp balm is rich in phytocannabinoids and fatty acids giving the
product a high skin absorbency rate. Associated with coconut and beeswax with
essential oils of lavender & eucalyptus it is a great product to smooth & relieve
the skin from many conditions.


For more than 10,000 years hemp has been a natural herb remedy used for a broad spectrum of medical benefits from pain and anxiety relief to epilepsy control and anti-aging. As an oil supplement hemp is a complete source of protein polyunsaturated fats, essential fatty acids and phytocannabinoids. It is also a fantastic skin product with a high absorbency rate to help not only your skin but your whole body feel good.


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