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Calm your mind and heal your body, natural essential oils have the power to do just that. The term “aromatherapy” will turn 80 years old next year but herbs, flowers and plants have been used in unguents, potions and infusions for millennium. To create our line BODY & MIND, we have combined aromatherapy with the preparation techniques of apothecary and the philosophy of alchemy. BODY & MIND features carefully crafted formulas of natural essential oils to treat body concerns, but also uplift, calm or energize brain functions for a synergic recovery.

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Why use stress-reducing massage oils and aromatherapy?


Archaeological evidence of the use of massage has been found as early as 2000 BC in China and Egypt. The medical benefits of massage in sport and physical therapy after injuries is not argued today. But anti-stress massage is not as popular in western culture. Anti-stress massage associated with aromatherapy can calm your mind and heal your body in a natural way. In India, Ayurvedic massages are known to detoxify your body and prevent aging. In Hawai and Oceania Lomilomi and Milimili, massages are part of the way of life.


Fragrances trigger memories and the essential oil properties and fragrances we have created in our natural massage oils trigger good memories and a sense of well-being. Since we all have different memories we have done research and crafted calming or uplifting formulas associated with fragrances like Peach Vanilla, Violet Honey, Vanilla & Blackberry, Neroli & Champaca, Lime & Vetiver, Pear Chocolate, etc.

Natural beauty products & fragrances.

Anti-aging and mood enhancing formulas using natural essential oils and carrier oils. In an age of Quantum lip and hi-tech super facial serums, there’s something authentically refreshing about natural ingredients and their benefits. Educated customers are turning away from miracle skincare and going back to the trusted, potent, safe, naturally moisturizing, and antioxidant ingredients that have proven to work for millenniums including rose, geranium, chamomille, olive oil, grape seed oil, hemp oil, calendula, coco, etc…